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Tile Makes The Room explores tile’s role in good design, as seen through the work of leading designers and architects in over 50 projects from around the world.

From Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic, owners of Heath Ceramics—the beloved California home goods company whose down-to-earth appeal spans continents and generations—comes a captivating and unprecedented look at tile. Tile Makes The Room is about exceptional spaces and places—the kind you want to step into and examine every detail of—where tile is the main ingredient, though not the entire meal. Explore the dwellings of notable designers and everyday homeowners; take a look at the making of tile; gain surprising perspectives on color, pattern and texture; and take note of public installations around the world to visit and enjoy.

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Hardcover, 256 pages
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Publication Date: September 29, 2015

Editorial Direction: Simone Earnhardt
Photography Direction: Mariko Reed
Design & Custom Typeface: Volume Inc.


Praise for Tile Makes The Room

Ilse Crawford

Ilse Crawford, Designer

"Heath is a very special thing. In our rapidly changing world, it is a company with human values, dedicated to quality in all that it does. There are lessons to be learnt from their approach. At Heath's heart is a wonderful product. I've always said that materials carry hidden messages and for anyone who struggles to understand, I'd recommend a trip to Heath to feel the power of ceramics."

     Washington Post, October 2015

“The book is full of lush photos and practical advice about incorporating artisanal tile in interiors. The goal is to make designing with tile accessible to the uninitiated. Heath and other small ceramics studios are leading a resurgence of tile in home design.”

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     SF Chronicle, October 2015

“Tile is experiencing a renaissance sparked, in part, by a renewed interested in personalized spaces and artisanal goods that represent integrity and permanence.”

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Roman Alonso

Roman Alonso, Commune Design

"Heath is responsible for the most beautiful ceramics in America, and perhaps the world. Cathy and Robin not only make tile, but their whole lives are about tile. Nobody knows it better and nobody looks at it with the same appreciation and love. This book is an expression of their curiosity and infinite knowledge for the subject, plus it’s the only reference book of its kind."

     Los Angeles Times, October 2015

“Featuring more than 50 projects — some using Heath tile — that span eras and are sourced from a number of countries, the book is a reminder that tile can drive the design of great spaces, adding color, depth, even softness to a room.”

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     Remodelista, September 2015

“What we love and appreciate is the lack of control in the process of firing glazes and embracing that. It is expensive to make tile the way we do it at Heath—but with our approach, tile has more character, richness, and depth, which can do wonders for the larger design of a space.”

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Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton,
Heath Ceramics Fan

"A truly inspiring and informative perspective on tile’s role in architecture and interiors. So, go build something awesome. Don’t forget to start with the tile of course!!!"

     Architectural Digest, October 2015

“To Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic, tile is drastically underused as a decorative element. … In their new book, they looked across the globe to select interiors—and some exteriors—that make the best use of the material, taking it far beyond utility.”

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     Cool Hunting, September 2015

“When asked why tiles have become such a big part of Heath Ceramics—best known as a go-to source for tableware—Bailey explains, ‘Tile’s been a part of our business since the late '60s when Edith Heath and her team began exploring using the same clay we were using for dinnerware as a functional and decorative building material.”

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About Catherine & Robin

Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey are co-owners of Heath Ceramics, the iconic tableware and tile company founded by Edith and Brian Heath in 1948. Prior to re-founding Heath in 2003, they honed their skills and passion for making things—Petravic in product design engineering and Bailey in industrial design. Together, they bring their creative talents to Heath’s design while honoring the company’s long history and its unique relationship between craft and production—efforts that landed them the 2015 Cooper Hewitt National Design Award. They live in Sausalito, California, with their son, Jasper, and their enormous Newfoundland, Oliver.

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Photo: Mariko Reed.

Photo: Mariko Reed.